Top Ten Places to Visit in Gujarat

Winter proclaims the top period of tourism in year. With Christmas season celebrated over the globe with extraordinary zeal, voyagers from abroad hurry to India with their family and companion to investigate and find the rich legacy, society and characteristic differing qualities of India.

One such supported vacationer destination for visits to India in winter is Gujarat. With Runn Utsav in offing and salubrious climate condition making it perfect time to investigate the enormous social and archeological riches, we convey to you the best places to visit in Gujarat to take advantage of your winter occasions in India.

You could go to Gujarat for various reasons. From the fossil fields of indigenous dinosaurs, Gir with the main home to Asiatic Lions outside Africa to the specialty of the Neolithic whole compositions to the stone workmanship of a progression of cultivated design both cutting edge and old.

Furthermore, from the wonders of Jain design, Hindu Temples of Somnath and Dwarka rising out of the Arabian Sea to the regular island of Kutch that streams into solidified white salt desert come summer and where the nearby artisans weave the finest materials in India and battle the cold components of Little Rann, Gujarat has it all.

With this variety of alternatives accessible for occasions in Gujarat, we convey to you the rundown of main 07 spots to visit in Gujarat. Kindly make a note that the best time to visit Gujarat is from (Oct till Mar) when the climate is wonderful.


Actually meaning the "Old Fort", Junagad is a strengthened city saturated with history. Sprinkled with Mosques, sanctuaries both Hindu and Buddhist and other verifiable structures, Junagad was ruled by the Babi Nawabs till India's freedom. Strikingly, the Nawab of Junagad needed to agree with Pakistan after segment yet since lion's share of masses was Hindu; Nawab needed to leave his princedom and escape to Pakistan.


Ahmadabad, the fifth biggest city in India, is the business center point of Gujarat furthermore one of the best places to be in Gujarat. The city is eminent for its profound established society, choice engineering and abundant individuals. Ahmadabad was established by the King Karnadev in eleventh Century and was named after him as Karnawati untill Sultan Ahmed Shah attacked the kingdom in 1411 and renamed the city after himself.


Vododara, alluded to as the social capital of the state is a standout amongst the most gone to visitor places in Gujarat. After the melting away Mughals were removed by Marathas the Gaekwads, the nearby officers of Marathas set up Vadodara as their capital. The city offers a consistent combination of the over a wide span of time. The city thrived and modernized under the aegis of Maharaja Sayajirao II and delighted in incredible self-governance notwithstanding amid British Rule in India.

Sasan Gir National Park

The main spot in Asia where you could recognize the lord of wilderness sneaking in the open wild, Sasan Gir National Park is situated in the Junagad District is a standout amongst the most gone to visitor places in India. The fundamental draw is Asiatic Lions however there is something else entirely to this ensured territory.

The recreation center is home to hyenas, panther, bog crocodiles, gazelles, sambar and immense number of winged animal species which makes it a perfect possibility for one of the top untamed life asylums in India. In spite of the fact that individuals come here for lions, birding aficionados head to Gir to have one of the finest winged creature watching encounters in India.

Dwarkadhish Temple

Arranged on the Gomti Creek, Dwarkadheesh Temple is one of the finest sanctuaries in India accepted to have been worked by the grandson of Lord Krishna himself. Having all the earmarks of being ascending from the waters of Arabian Sea, the sanctuary is prestigious for it’s impeccably cut design. It is viewed as the holiest Hindu Temples and part of the Char Dham Yatra, the most holy of the every single Hindu journey.

Rani ka Vav, Patan

One of the uncommon landmarks raised by a ruler for her adored lord, Rani Ka Vav is a staggering stride well in exceptionally all around safeguarded condition. It was appointed by Rani Udayamati in memory of her expired spouse King Bhimdev I in the year 1063.

Not long after fulfillment, the progression well got overflowed by water and residue from the adjacent Saraswati River. It was just in 1980s that the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) exhumed this Vav and desilting was attempted.


Maybe the expression "saturated with history" was instituted to allude precisely to Bhuj. With association with a scope of human advancement starting from ancient times, Mahabharata, Indus Valley and the seasons of Alexander the Great to the territorial sultans, British and after that present day India, Bhuj with more than 4000 years of inhabitation is a social blend and one of the best places to visit in Gujarat for social submersion.


Somnath is the first and most consecrated of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. As indicated by the legend the Hindu moon god known as Soma constructed a sanctuary completely of gold to pay adoration to the ruler's brilliance and empathy and the sanctuary came to be known as the Somnath Temple. According to the legends the same sanctuary was remade by Ravana in Silver, Krishna in wood, and by King Bhimdev from stone. Visit Dwarka Somnath Tours

Rann of Kutch

There's a platitude that goes in Gujarat. Kutch Nahin dekha to kuchh nahin dekha which means you haven't seen anything on the off chance that you haven't seen Kutch. Kutch is the meriting top assignment to visit in Gujarat particularly when the Rann Mahotsav is going full speeds ahead.

Wedged between the Arabian Sea and the vast Thar Desert, Rann of Kutch is hypnotizing ensemble of salt and sand. This white orchestra achieves its crescendo on a full moon night. What makes Kutch much stranger is that amid the storm, it gets submerged in the water?

For the staying eight months of it, it's a huge stretch of white salt loaning it the look of white desert. Amid full moon evenings social projects observing Gujarat's rich society and conventions are normally held at Dhordo.

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